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The Most Appreciated Psytrance Artists

If music is the one art meant to connecting people of all races together in peace, psytrance is that of connecting one individual to his true self. What defines this subgenre of trace music is the arrangements of rhythms - most of the time synthetic rhythms – and layers upon layers of high tempo riffs.

The origins of psytrance music

Since 1998, psytrance genre has become a mainstream form of music, mainly because it gained wild success among listeners through names such as Infected Mushroom, Astral Projection, or Skazi. Usually, the first disk jockeys were only playing psychedelic rock music from bands like Pink Floyd and The Doors.

The dawns of electronic music had a huge impact the way psytrance sounded. The tracks had the lyrics removed, and melodies and beats were mashed together such that it resulted in a manipulated sound. In the beginnings, the style was different for every DJ but they all had some common themes that evoked mystical and existential themes.

The futuristic rhythm of machine music became one of the trademarks of the ’80 along with the anarchistic and often eccentric attitude. Later on, the genre developed some sub branches if its own. Through the process of distortion, we now can choose from progressive, full-on or darkpsy. The differences are minute, however a keen ear would fuss over the beats frequency, the theme, or the basslines.

There is a wide range of festivals for these music fans and they would vary in both in musicality and culture. On eastern American Coast, there is the annual Fractalfest in Massachusetts, as for New York, there’s Smoke On The Water.

Psytrance music is for many the sound for both present and future as it incorporates the human soul and the machine sound in one art.