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Psychedelic trance songs to listen in your car

What perfectly goes along with a long road behind the wheel is certainly some quality music. What we are today suggesting you is to try the not so well known psytrance music as a background for your trip. Who knows? This might just be your future must – have “companion” in your car.

Psychedelic trance is a subgenre of trance music and is defined by its synthetic sounds and high tempo riffs. Over the last few years, a number of great mixes and song were produced for the wide public and some of them made it to our list of best psytrance songs to be listened in your car.

Among them you can find Killing Time, by Legend of the Black Shawarma, or Vicious Cycles, by Symphonix Blue Box..

Whether you already are a die-hard fan of this kind of music or you have just come to know about it, you probably don’t have the experience of hearing it outside the four walls of your room. And that is understandable, as this genre is reserved for the times one wish to connect with himself and his thoughts.

However, this should not be always true as this music’s tone and themes can have the power to relax the nerves it would be perfect for a tension relief in traffic. The Mayan Dream by The Astral Files has the perfect rhythm just for that.

Fifth Element Records provides any fan of psychedelic trance genre with great music to be listened not only at your headphones in your cozy room. Whereas a more rapid pace of life forces us into giving up on the small pleasures of life, there are things that can be done. You can always rediscover your true self while driving and enjoying some magic-sprinkled music..